“AGRIPAK” is the largest manufacturer of 2015th Agricultural Machinery and Implements & specialized Exporters of Massey Ferguson Tractors (50 hp to 130 hp) & New Holland Tractors (55 hp to 85 hp) around the World.  We deal in High quality equipment with informed and well equipped team of individuals with excellent product knowledge customer retention base.

Our Mission Statement is business critical with great emphasis on profitable growth by designing high quality products and services for agriculture solution.

MASSEY FERGUSON MF TRACTORS (50 – 130 HP, 2 & 4wd):  MF 265, MF 350, MF 375, MF 385, MF 390, MF 240 & MF 260, MF 360 Tractors.

AGRIPAK AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS: Disc Ploughs, Harrows, Ridgers, Trailers, Planters, Loaders, Diggers, Sprayers, Seeders, Threshers etc.

Fresh Piece from 2015th upcoming stock!
MF 375 (75 hp) with efficient diesel engine, easy to maintain, high capacity fuel tank, power steering and multi disc plate system.new mf


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