Pneumatic Planter

Agripak Offers Pneumatic Planter. Use of sophisticated machinery is helpful to ease timely and proper plantation thus achieve 15-20% more output. Pneumatic planter along with the maintenance of inter row distance also capable of keeping inter seed distance in row, depth of sowing, quantity of fertilizer and proper moisturizer which plays a vital role in sowing of maize and sun flower seeds. Thus it saves the wastage of seeds.
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The multicrop planter is useful for sowing of maize, sun flower, cotton, soya bean, chick pea, sorghum, tomato, water mellon and other vegetables etc.

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New Holland Tractor

Agripak International is a well renowned name in the World of Agricultural sector that has made its foreign clientele at International level. We offer high Quality Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors and latest Farm Machinery.

New Holland Tractor

New Holland Tractor.

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Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

 AGRIPAK International is a well renowned name in the World of agriculture sector that has made its foreign clientele at international level.  AGRIPAK International is often known as “Specialized Exporters” of New Massey Ferguson (Models: MF 240, MF 260, MF 350, MF 360, MF 375, MF 385, MF 390) & NEW HOLLAND Tractors around the World.

AGRIPAK is offering POST HOLE DIGGER that is a specialized and economical machine suitable for digging holes in equal rows especially in plain or hilly areas. Holes are digged in equal sizes and specs. Besides planting trees, it can also be used. for the placement of poles and pillars. It can be operated with PTO shaft of any HP tractor. It is best for digging plantation holes of required diameter and distance. Time and cost saving due to high speed and durability. Heavy duty durable steel frame and gearbox.
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Massey Ferguson 385 (85 HP)


Massey Ferguson 385 at negotiable price.

Agripak International is a well renowned name in the World of Agricultural sector that has made its foreign clientele at International level. We offer high quality Massey Ferguson Tractor, New Holland Tractors and Farm Machinery at reasonable prices.
We are now offering Massey Ferguson 385 (85 HP) at negotiable price for our valued customers because we provide the best to our customers and much concerned about someone’s money.

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MF 375

AGRIPAK International is offering the magnificent and excellent quality of Massey Ferguson MF 375 (75 hp) with compression ignition engine. We are proud to have a number of satisfied clients around the globe. As we know better the value of one’s trust and money. Assuring you that after doing business with us you will surely be proud at your choice.

AGRIPAK has therefore the capacity to cater the export order volumes of 150-200 Tractors and 500-800 Implements per month and have the capacity to maintain stocks, perform shipment on time. We are proud to have hundreds of Satisfied International Clients around the Globe.

AGRIPAK have latest 2015th models of Massey Ferguson tractors , New Holland Tractors and Implements in stock.
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Agripak Massey Ferguson 375

“AGRIPAK” is the largest manufacturer of 2015th Agricultural Machinery and Implements & specialized Exporters of Massey Ferguson Tractors (50 hp to 130 hp) & New Holland Tractors (55 hp to 85 hp) around the World.  We deal in High quality equipment with informed and well equipped team of individuals with excellent product knowledge customer retention base.

Our Mission Statement is business critical with great emphasis on profitable growth by designing high quality products and services for agriculture solution.

MASSEY FERGUSON MF TRACTORS (50 – 130 HP, 2 & 4wd):  MF 265, MF 350, MF 375, MF 385, MF 390, MF 240 & MF 260, MF 360 Tractors.

AGRIPAK AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS: Disc Ploughs, Harrows, Ridgers, Trailers, Planters, Loaders, Diggers, Sprayers, Seeders, Threshers etc.

Fresh Piece from 2015th upcoming stock!
MF 375 (75 hp) with efficient diesel engine, easy to maintain, high capacity fuel tank, power steering and multi disc plate mf